4) Tearout of existing countertops:

Templating is where we come to your home and make a scale version of your countertops for us to lay on the stone slabs. This allows us to cut your countertops exactly as they need to be. We will then lay out your slabs and move the templates around on them to get the best and most beautiful part of the Granite for your countertop.

5) Fabrication:

We will come to your house and tearout your existing countertops, usually the day before installation. This way, you will have minimal down time for your kitchen. All items in the cupboards below will need to be removed so that there is minimal dust on your items and working room for the installation. Everything that is torn out will be taken with us - which means no mess for you!  

Now we get to make your countertops! We will cutout the slabs with the measurements from your templates to make your counters, backsplashes, window ledges, etc. We then do lamination of book matched aprons with custom color epoxy. We embed steel rods for reinforcement, sink cut-outs, match up the seams and then router the edge of your choice. We polish, trim the edges, and pre-seal the stone. This process is how your stone becomes a beautiful piece for your home! 

6) Installation:

2) Slab Selection:

Once you have decided to use Granite for your project, you will then need to visit a company that provides Granite or other hard surfaces that you can choose from. There are many choices; from Granite, Marble, and Limestone, to Silestone, and Caeserstone. We can refer you to companies that can provide just the right stone for you. As a fabricator we often receive discounts from these companies and can pass on our discount to you. For smaller projects ask us about remnants and singles.

Our Process

3) ​Templating and Slab Layout:

1) Call for an Estimate:

Give us a call and we will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your ideas and answer your questions. At our meeting we will measure your existing countertops and determine the size and number of slabs you’ll need for your project. If you are serious about getting Granite countertops, or just want to get a price quote, call us today for a FREE Estimate!  

Now the fun part! We setup a  day for installation of your new Granite countertops. Installation can take from 2 to 6 hours depending upon the size of your project. We then sheet your existing cabinets with 5/8 plywood and install the Granite on top. Sometimes we install the sheeting the day of installation or the day of tear out. After, we hang or mount your sinks and cooktop and then we will drill your holes for your faucets and fixtures. The final step is to caulk, clean, and seal your granite! Viola!  Beautiful new countertops!